Stainless Steel Wall Cladding

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Stainless steel wall cladding is durable and versatile, as well as resistant to corrosion and moisture. Welded, cut, or fabricated into different shapes as desired – plus its bacteria-proof and mildew-proof properties make it suitable for various applications.

Cladding is a method used to increase metal’s corrosion-resistance by adding a stronger material over its weaker base, such as roll bonding or explosive bonding.


Stainless steel wall cladding is an affordable and long-term choice for interior cladding projects, offering easy wipe clean maintenance while resisting graffiti. Available in standard mirror, hairline or more decorative brushed satin finishes as well as thickness options ranging from 0.25mm to 2mm thicknesses – stainless steel wall cladding has something to offer everyone looking to transform the interiors of their homes or offices.

If you plan on using a patterned finish in your project, it is crucial to specify its design to avoid areas where dirt could collect. Furthermore, specifying its roughness will prevent water or contaminants from seeping into crevices of crevices.

Metal claddings, facades and curtain-walls have become an increasingly popular component of architectural projects. Unfortunately, material limitations and metalworking feasibility dictate maximum product dimensions to 1200mm(W) by 4000mm(L). As a result, many designers must reevaluate their designs if their projects call for outsized metal panels or claddings.


Stainless steel cladding is an excellent choice for building facades, as its durability and high-end appearance makes an impactful statement. Plus, its moisture and bacteria-proof properties make cleaning simple while its harsh weather resistance make this an economical option that works on projects of all sizes.

Stainless steel cladding differs from other metals like copper in that it remains corrosion resistant and has self-healing properties, while remaining lightweight to reduce structural loads of buildings while helping save on air conditioning costs. Furthermore, its resistance can help save on energy bills by helping lower air conditioning bills.

As another key consideration, fire resistance of cladding material should also be prioritized when choosing materials for tall buildings – especially given recent disasters like Grenfell Tower’s collapse. When selecting your material, be sure to consult manufacturers first in order to make sure it satisfies required fire ratings.

Cladding materials come in an assortment of finishes and textures, from subtle matte looks created through etching or brushing to vibrant hues using PVD or electroplating processes – offering another way to add color without using traditional paint techniques.

As well as its traditional mirror finish, stainless steel cladding now comes in gold mirror and rosegold hairline finishes for extra variety. Available in various thicknesses and widths to meet specific design needs; some even come with patterns. Perfect for both commercial and residential settings alike including kitchens and stairwells.

Stainless steel cladding is highly resilient and can withstand all forms of weather elements, such as rain, ice, snow and mildew. Furthermore, its surface is easy to keep clean with little maintenance needed; cutting it into complex shapes is straightforward making it an excellent choice for architectural projects and kitchen splashback areas as it won’t melt or crack over time.


Stainless steel wall cladding provides an appealing alternative to aluminium and other metals, being lightweight yet strong and highly durable. Not only that but its elegant aesthetic and insect resistance also makes it highly adaptable – plus there are various finishes to fit into any architectural style!

Finding the appropriate hue for your cladding can be an important task. It should complement both your building and surroundings while still making a statement. Achieve this effect using various combinations or elements unique to your design can do the trick, with PVD colored cladding providing extra depth and dimension on its surfaces.

Chemical coloring can also be an option, with sheets dipped into a solution of acid and base chemicals for colourfast passive film protection against ultraviolet light rays. The resultant hue will reflect in different ways depending on which angle one looks at it; to achieve true living colors this must come from one batch of material as each batch may produce slightly different hues.

ColorTex stainless steel cladding is an excellent solution for projects requiring high performance, low maintenance and long life spans. Easy to clean and boasting excellent corrosion resistance, its pyramid patterned finish helps hide scratches and dents, making it suitable for high traffic areas. Furthermore, this environmentally-friendly solution is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Selecting the suitable cladding material is an important decision, so before making your purchase you should carefully consider your budget and installation costs. A metal cladding panel that’s both inexpensive and easy to install could save money over time; many come equipped with fastening systems for rapid installation.

Easy to install

Stainless steel wall cladding is easy to install. Moisture- and mildewproof, it makes this material suitable for hospitals, custom workshops, commercial kitchens and other projects that demand high-quality cladding solutions. Furthermore, its bacteria resistance makes it suitable for many shapes and textures of projects requiring high quality finishes.

To maximize the effectiveness of cladding, it’s key to choose fasteners that can clinch into stainless steel sheets easily, especially thin sheets which have been cold rolled more. For optimal results, choose fasteners equipped with raised-ring anvils as this prevents hardening around studs.

Dependent upon your project requirements, you may opt to have your cladding shipped with adhesive or aluminum fasteners for easier installation. Whether doing it yourself or hiring professional installers, these products can help your project stand out.

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