Stainless Steel Golden Sheet Price

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steel golden sheet price

Golden Stainless Steel sheet is an extremely durable material with multiple applications. It can be found in interior design projects such as elevator cabin & doors or architectural cladding projects and has many hygienic benefits for use in food industries, while being easy to maintain and keep hygienic.


Gold stainless steel offers the ideal combination of durability, attractiveness, and longevity in home or commercial settings. When treated properly it should continue looking beautiful without needing major repairs or replacement.

Aluminium is an extremely useful material used in household appliances like sinks, cooking utensils and washing machines, automotive trim and decorative architecture applications, weather-resistance and corrosion-resistance are just a few reasons it makes an excellent choice as an electrical component material. Aluminium also has good conductivity properties which make it suitable for electrical components and is weatherproof – perfect for resisting the elements without degrading or corrosion occurring over time.

Metal sheet is a flat rolled product sold at Metal Supermarkets locations and sold from coils, cut to your exact specifications and available in several metal varieties such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel – each offering different properties to make it suitable for various applications. You can even get it coated in different colors or finishes for additional aesthetic purposes – perfect for elevator cabins and doors!

Easy Maintenance

Stainless steel is renowned for being long-wearing and easy to maintain, unlike many other metals which require extensive upkeep over the years. Plus, its corrosion- and heat-resistance make it the ideal material choice for construction projects requiring durability as well as aesthetics.

Golden Stainless Steel Sheet comes in various finishes and sizes to meet a range of applications – elevator interiors, architectural cladding, kitchen and bathroom cladding are just some of them. As it resists scratches and fingerprints well while being easy to maintain and clean it’s become increasingly popular for interior design projects.


Stainless Steel Golden Sheet is ideal for interior designing and architectural cladding applications, such as graffiti-prone areas. With an anti-fingerprint surface making maintenance simple and hygienic, as well as its high conductivity making it the ideal material for electrical components in automotive industries and electrical components in general.

Stainless Steel Designer Sheets can be found in various applications such as elevator cabin & door interiors, kitchen counters, architectural cladding panels, interior designing services for hospitals or other industrial buildings, as well as specialty applications that require customization to specific needs. It comes in an assortment of surface finishes for customization to your requirements.

Sonic Steel keeps an extensive inventory of decorative sheets and is ready to supply them at competitive prices. Please request a quote for more details and get our latest price list; in addition we offer free samples so you can test their quality before purchasing in larger quantities or custom sizing requirements. Sonic Steel is one of the leading providers of Stainless Steel Decorative Sheets.

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