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We have since grown with the Chinese economy, and now supply custom stainless steel sheet
and coil to major industry and manufacturers all around the world.


Your Trusted Partner in Steel Manufacturing. Offering high-quality, durable steel products for diverse industrial needs.


Experience Precision with Lyn Steel. Custom steel solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your business.


Sustainability at Its Core. Lyn Steel commits to eco-friendly practices in every production process, ensuring a greener future.

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Global Reach, Local Service. Lyn Steel combines worldwide distribution with personalized customer care, delivering excellence everywhere.

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Lyn Steel stands at the forefront of the stainless steel industry, offering an extensive range of products to meet diverse needs. Our inventory includes various grades and sizes of stainless steel materials, catering to a broad spectrum of applications. We specialize in stainless steel sheets, known for their durability and versatility in different environments. Our stainless steel coils are prized for their strength and adaptability, ideal for numerous industrial applications. Additionally, Lyn Steel provides a variety of stainless steel profiles, designed to offer structural support and aesthetic appeal in construction and manufacturing. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures each product meets the highest standards, tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

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Welcome you to visit our website. Lyn Steel is a global business partner. We have a multilingual team, including English, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian, who are online 24*7. No matter where you are and when it is, please feel free to contact us! 


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