Types of Metals Used to Make Shims

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Metals such as steel or aluminum can be used to craft shims that serve multiple functions – supporting parts, providing better fit or level surfaces, etc.

Stainless steel shims are excellent corrosion-resistant materials with strong fatigue resistance, making them easy to fabricate. Aluminum is another lightweight material which can easily be formed into shims while bronze offers great fatigue and corrosion resistance properties.

Stainless Steel

Shims are thin strips of material designed to fill gaps or level surfaces during industrial tasks. Shims may be made of metal such as brass, bronze, copper or stainless steel but nonmetallic options like paper PTFE and plastic are often also employed. Many industrial tasks require precise positioning of parts to ensure accurate fits and reduce wear – for instance precision machining requires aligning tooling and workpieces so they meet certain tolerances – thus making shim stock an invaluable aid.

Shim stock comes in many forms, from pre-cut shims to coil shim rolls. When using shim stock for any application, it first requires determining the appropriate thickness; feeler gages of increasing sizes can help with this step. After finding your ideal thickness match, once cut from your stock you may use metal shears or stamping kits depending on its precise form to cut individual shims to meet specific shapes required.

Stainless steel shim stock is an economical yet highly resilient choice for many applications, featuring a high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, easy forming capabilities, and can even be machined down to precise sizes – making it suitable for outdoor or marine environments as well. Furthermore, its aesthetic qualities often outshone other metals such as brass or copper making it popular choice for building projects.

Custom manufacturer of block, roll, loose leaf, compression laminated sheet and tab shims with diameters between 0.125 in and +/-0.0005 tolerance and features such as acid and corrosion resistance as well as waterproof, color coding and air tight seals. Additional services provided may include heat treatment, nickel plating powder coating or painted finishing; perfect for microelectronics applications in aerospace energy environmental medical pharmaceutical military industries as well as NADCAP certified JIT delivery options are also offered.

Hot-Rolled Steel

Stainless steel shim stock is an extremely resilient metal that is used to fill gaps in machines and other surfaces, providing the necessary filler material to fill them quickly and seamlessly. Made from corrosion-resistant metals that can withstand various environmental conditions as well as offering superior corrosion resistance properties, stainless steel shim stock shims come in various sizes and shapes for use in various applications as well as being available with various metal compositions to suit specific environments.

Shim stock is an economical alternative to more costly metals and can be cut, stamped, bored, milled, sheared and leveled without losing its form. They come in various thicknesses for easy fabrication as well as being bent around curved surfaces without losing shape; making shim stock an ideal material to support machinery or fill gaps between joints as well as level or adjust objects.

This type of shim is usually made from carbon or low-carbon steel and may be cold rolled or hot rolled for easier and cheaper formation, though its tolerances don’t match those found on high-grade shims; surface finish issues typically don’t hinder functionality.

Shims can be made of different materials, including metal and plastic. Some shims even come pre-cut for easy installation. Metal shims are frequently utilized in highly corrosive environments due to their resistance against corrosion while providing added strength and support.

To create a shim, the initial step should be establishing the proper thickness – this can be accomplished using feeler gages of increasing thicknesses or another measuring tool. Once that has been determined, selecting suitable materials should come next.

Mild steel shim is a cost-effective choice that makes an excellent spacer, washer and metallic gasket material. Constructed from industrial-grade material that’s easy to shape and fabricate, mild steel can be cut, stamped, drilled, sheared or milled without incurring burring and distortion, providing almost endless design possibilities with no burring or distortion issues.

These shims come in packs of 100 and are manufactured from high-grade steel alloy, making them flexible enough to adapt to any space or shape imaginable. Their cutting is straightforward and there’s an assortment of thicknesses and lengths available; additionally they are heat treated so as not to warp under stress – making them suitable for applications including electrical insulation.


Copper shim sheet is an ultrathin metal sheet that can be cut and formed into various forms. Due to its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, it can also be used as an air gap bridging device between heat-generating components and their heat sinks for more effective cooling of devices and an electrical connection between two points, preventing potential short circuits. It’s perfect for many applications! For example, use it bridge air gaps between heat generating components and their heat sinks for improved cooling or provide electrical connections between two points while providing electrical connection between two points and thus preventing potential short circuits occurring between components allowing more efficient cooling or providing electrical connections between two parties involved preventing potential short circuits occurring between components, providing better cooling of devices or providing electrical connections between components or providing electrical connections between two points that would otherwise exist preventing short circuiting from occurring between components without incurring costs or any potential short circuiting issues!

Copper is an attractive metal that stands out as both soft and ductile, making it easy to shape into various forms and fitting into tight spots where other materials might prove challenging. Copper’s natural antimicrobial properties protect it against algae, fungi and moss adhering to its surface while its corrosion-resistance make it the ideal material for cabling applications. Copper also exhibits high conductivity ratings as it has an extremely high melting point making shaping easier while its malleable nature enables fitting into spaces that would otherwise prove challenging with other materials.

Copper shim sheets are often employed in industrial settings to fill gaps or spaces between machine parts that would otherwise rub against one another and cause wear and tear. By doing this, machines don’t need to be repaired or replaced so costs and downtime are minimized, saving costs as well as time. They may also help enhance sealing between components or reduce noise or vibrations.

An experienced Beryllium copper Shim Plate Manufacturer in Mumbai maintains an extensive inventory of sizes, dimensions and thicknesses to suit any application, enabling them to meet client demands precisely while cutting production downtime and saving costs. Their team of quality control and engineering specialists is also on hand to guarantee their products adhere to the highest standards.


Brass shims have many applications, with machinery often making the best use of this soft metal shim. Shims fill gaps to tighten alignments as well as provide support and level surfaces. Wear compensation also becomes much simpler with brass’s precise tolerances making this choice even more ideal – all while helping save on frequent replacement of expensive pieces! Shims come manufactured according to precise specifications; making this soft metal an excellent choice.

Brass has high tensile strength and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties, making it a suitable material for applications that require electrical or thermal grounding, such as power cables. This quality makes brass an essential choice in industries like electrical engineering where grounding may help prevent corrosion caused by electric charges or static electricity build-up and protect against static electric charges or static electricity accumulation.

Copper gives brass shim sheets antimicrobial properties, making them suitable for areas that demand sterility, such as food processing or medical settings. Brass shims have proven highly efficient at eliminating certain bacteria and pathogens quickly and are therefore ideal for companies dealing with foods or patients.

Stainless steel is an extremely strong material that can be utilized in multiple ways. Common applications of this durable material are in construction because it withstands extreme weather and chemical exposure; kitchen equipment and food storage containers often made of stainless steel also resist staining and corrosion better than its alternatives; plus its easy care maintenance makes for hassle-free ownership!

SS 304 Shim Sheets come in an assortment of sizes and thicknesses to meet the demands of different applications, from cutting and sawing, drilling, milling or boring to welding applications. Their excellent low temperature properties and cold working properties make these sheets great choices. Furthermore, their corrosion-resistance in marine environments make them even more suitable.

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