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ss steel sheet price

Stainless steel sheets are formed through an industrial process into thin, flat pieces or coil strips used to fabricate everyday objects such as kitchenware and furniture.

Stainless steel is a family of corrosion resistance alloys that can be remelted and recycled, making it a “green metal.” In this article we’ll look at its price impacting on business decisions and understanding ss steel sheet pricing options for sheet products.


Price of stainless steel sheet is determined by several factors including material quality, dimensions of end product, surface finish and market conditions as well as other elements of economy.

SS steel sheet prices usually fall in the range of Rs 180-200 per kg depending on market conditions and prevailing economic factors. There are various SS steel sheet suppliers in India offering high-quality sheets at cost-effective prices.

Prices of stainless steel sheets may differ between suppliers depending on your specifications and needs, from different forms and thicknesses available through each provider to expanded metal options that may also be provided as supplies.

There are various stainless steel sheets on the market, making it important to select the one best suited to your needs and budget. Metline offers excellent options when purchasing these products with their nationwide supply network spanning all major cities of India.

Metline provides pricing charts to assist in finding the best ss steel sheet price available in India, according to recent market trends and updated each week. These charts allow users to easily locate ss steel sheets at competitive prices in their market.

These SS steel sheets come in various forms and thicknesses and can be delivered anywhere across India. Their versatility enables easy installation for construction framing, machinery framing and ductwork applications.

Metline Steel Sheet Dealer in Mumbai and Pune also supplies stainless steel sheets at competitive prices to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Bangalore Pondicherry Chennai Coimbatore Pune to meet your demands for delivery in time. We guarantee it.

World steel prices are calculated arithmetically averages of global export fob prices for all metals (please visit MEPS World average steel price page for further details). They represent an array of products, based on information gleaned from national customs statistics or declarations in larger exporting nations.


There is an array of steel sheets on the market. Deciding upon one depends on your project requirements: some offer high corrosion resistance while others can provide greater formability and durability.

One of the cheapest options available to businesses is hot rolled steel, which can be formed using various hand tools and features excellent ductility. Furthermore, hot rolled steel can also be coated to increase its durability and corrosion resistance.

Low carbon steel offers excellent malleability but requires additional care during use to avoid rusting and corrosion.

Some grades of stainless steel can provide better corrosion resistance than mild steel, particularly the 300 series variety. This non-magnetic stainless steel has minimal carbon content and makes an excellent choice for welding applications as its reduced carbide precipitation results in lower localized corrosion rates.

This material comes in various forms, such as sheets, panels, and plates. It is commonly used for building machines and frames, while it can also be customized into custom components.

The right grade of stainless steel will depend on your application. Grades like 410 are often stronger and more durable than their mild steel equivalents, while remaining more affordable. Furthermore, they can be easily formed into almost any desired design shape.

Not content to stop there, there are other interesting grades of stainless steel which merit examination, including sheets and panels with unique properties that can provide even further differentiation in performance. Some examples include:


Stainless steel sheets are one of the most widely utilized metal sheets used in industrial settings. Available in multiple thicknesses, grades and specifications to meet various industrial processes’ demands.

SS Steel is an excellent material to work with when fabricating metal because of its excellent formability, ductility, weldability, corrosion resistance and high strength properties. Furthermore, its lightweight nature and wide array of applications make it a popular choice across many different industries.

Forming stainless steel metal sheets involves various processes, such as cutting, bending, rolling, joining and annealing. Once formed, they must then be polished before being shipped out for shipment.

Metal can come in different finishes, with one such being brushed metal. Achieved through brushing or sanding processes, this finish can be used for various applications and purposes.

Other finishes that can be applied to this metal include black and polished finishes. A black finish can be created by covering it with copper- or zinc-powered alloys for coating the sheet with.

Polishing metal surfaces is an inexpensive way to give them a glossy sheen, adding shine and depth to finished products.

These stainless steel sheets are often used to craft decorative items like furniture and fixtures. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to transport while their corrosion-resistance makes cleaning much simpler. Furthermore, these stainless steel sheets make excellent building materials such as countertops and sinks.

Stainless steel sheets can also be used to construct various equipment and appliances. As this material can withstand both high heat and humidity levels, making it the ideal material for these products.

Stainless steel sheet can be formed into various shapes, such as coils, circles, plates and strips. They come with various thicknesses which can be tailored specifically to meet customer requirements.


Stainless steel sheet is available in an assortment of grades, thicknesses and sizes to meet any need or preference. In general, thicker grades offer greater strength and durability compared to thinner grades.

SS sheet can be found in many applications, from manufacturing vehicles and tanks to fences, plate armor and roofs. Furthermore, it makes an excellent material choice for medical devices and building materials.

Stainless steel offers several key advantages for use in medical facilities, including its non-rusting properties that make it easy to work with. Furthermore, its formability and weldability makes this material highly desired by professionals. Finally, due to being non-magnetic it makes stainless steel an excellent choice.

Stainless steel stands out among metals due to its ability to withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for construction of ultra high-rise buildings that must withstand earthquake damage.

Chemical and food processing equipment frequently utilize stainless steel as it offers excellent chemical resistance as well as corrosion protection, high temperature resistance and hot-dip galvanization capabilities.

A great way to purchase stainless steel sheets is to connect with a reliable supplier and inquire about various grades. Many such firms carry large stocks and offer competitive prices.

There is a wide range of stainless steel alloys, such as 316L, 304 and 310S grades that are popularly used in pressure vessels and aerospace parts due to their superior strength and corrosion resistance.

These alloys must contain at least 10.5% chromium and up to 1.2% carbon. A higher carbon content increases hardness and strength while decreasing ductility, providing a tradeoff.

Stainless steel is an alloy composed of iron and other metals that do not corrode, making it one of the most commonly used types of sheet metal fabrication material. Stainless steel can easily be worked with and has low costs; additionally it does not become magnetic over time.

SS 316 stainless steel is an austenitic grade with high nickel content that resists corrosion well, making it an excellent material choice for construction of pressure vessels of various kinds. Welded joins can also be made easier when welding with this grade of metal.

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