Stainless Steel Plate 4×8 Price

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Stainless steel plate and sheet products offer superior strength, corrosion-resistance and aesthetic versatility, making them popularly used in environments requiring sanitation, harsh chemicals or marine applications.

304 stainless steel is the most commonly used austenitic grade and provides good corrosion resistance in chemical environments as well as industrial atmospheres and marine environments. Furthermore, this grade boasts excellent formability and welding properties.


A stainless steel plate is an industrial metal composed of iron and chromium that forms an extremely hard, durable, rustproof material used for numerous applications. Available in different thicknesses and surface finishes, stainless steel plates come in the most popular grade 304 for ease of welding; commonly found in commercial appliances as well as kitchen sinks, back splashes and other household fixtures as well as food processing equipment and chemical containers.

Stainless steel plates tend to be thicker than sheet metal; the main difference being that a stainless steel plate typically measures 6mm or thicker, while sheet metal typically falls below this threshold. This difference can make an impactful statement about what product and usage decisions were made for an end result product.

When purchasing stainless steel plates, it is crucial to understand their various grades and applications. For example, those that feature superior corrosion resistance will make more suitable choice than ones with greater weldability. Another crucial consideration when purchasing these products is finish quality as this determines its aesthetic appeal as well as strength against various environments.

The most widely used grade of stainless steel is 304, an austenitic type with excellent weldability and formability, offering cost-effective corrosion resistance properties and non-magnetic welding processes. Sheet stainless steel comes in various finishes like 2B, 2D and No.4.

If you want something with an unusual yet appealing appearance, perforated sheet can make an excellent addition. Featuring patterns similar to textile print screens, perforated sheets add visual interest while simultaneously improving acoustics of a room. Plus, their light material makes handling it effortless while being resistant to corrosion and abrasion.


When purchasing stainless steel plates for home or office use, thickness should be taken into consideration. Thinner plates tend to be lighter and easier to move around; however, thicker ones may have greater corrosion resistance and so provide stronger support.

Surface finish of stainless steel plates also plays an integral part in their thickness. There are various surfaces for stainless steel plates available today, but most commonly seen is mirror polished finish, used extensively in kitchens and bathrooms for its highly reflective nature and easy care requirements – this style even withstands repeated scrubbing without losing its shine!

Another type of finish for stainless steel is brushed finish, which offers less sheen but greater durability than mirror polish. Brushed finishes are widely used commercially such as in restaurants and offices because their matte surface helps cover scratches more effectively than glossy surfaces do.

Stainless steel is an incredibly adaptable metal, used in a wide variety of industries such as buildings, machinery and transportation. At Cut2Size we make ordering stainless steel sheet simple with our online ordering process and multiple shipping options available.

A 304 SS plate can withstand temperatures up to 870 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for high-temperature applications like furnaces. Furthermore, this material’s ability to resist corrosion from harsh chemicals and salt spray makes it an excellent material choice for industrial and food processing applications.

Chromium is the main element in 304 stainless steel plates and accounts for its corrosion and stain resistant properties. Note: the composition of any particular plate will depend on its intended use; changing this will alter both its corrosion resistance and stain resistance properties accordingly.


There are numerous surface finishes for stainless steel plate, each designed for specific uses. One popular finish option is 2B finish, which offers excellent corrosion resistance while also being smooth to the touch and offering smooth surfaces suitable for industrial and commercial uses. Furthermore, 2B finishes come in several thicknesses.

The 304 2B finish is an excellent option for many different applications, as it offers excellent corrosion resistance in both indoor and outdoor settings. Furthermore, its durable nature means it will stand the test of time while remaining simple to care for with resistance against stains and scratches.

Another alternative for 316 2B stainless steel finishes is its brushed finish, often seen on appliances and backsplashes. While similar to its polished counterpart, its characteristics differ in that it features a more subdued appearance and has less reflective qualities; nonetheless it still provides good corrosion resistance and smooth appearance.

304 stainless steel is one of the most economical and widely-used stainless steels, suitable for many different applications such as dairy, beverage, food products, hospital equipment, marine hardware and kitchen appliances. However, it may become slightly magnetic during processing and it cannot be heat treated.

Stainless steel is highly machinable and can be bent, rolled, fabricated or machined into any desired shape. Furthermore, its corrosion-resistance and abrasion-resistance make it an ideal material for various applications, while plate is extremely durable as it can support heavy loads without warping or cracking. Furthermore, welding stainless steel using most standard welding methods results in welds that cannot be ground down or polished later; to avoid these welds as much as possible and only weld colored/black stainless steel as this results in welds which cannot be ground down or polished afterwards; try welding it from corners or angles where no-one will see what you weld it later on if necessary or welding it from inside corners or from corners so as not to show this type of metal when it will not show.


Stainless steel plate and sheet can be utilized in numerous applications. Their resistance to corrosion and staining makes them suitable for environments requiring sanitation or where harsh chemicals may be used, as well as offering greater strength than other metals and being easy to weld or machine, making these materials perfect for projects of all kinds. Furthermore, stainless steel plates and sheets come with various finishes available so as to fit specific needs.

304 stainless plate is one of the most sought-after corrosion-resistant grades of stainless steel. Easily weldable and formed, it tolerates industrial atmospheres as well as marine environments without becoming oxidized; stampings made from this grade are frequently found in processing equipment used by industry; other austenitic grades, such as 316, are utilized in chemical applications as well as marine and power transmission environments.

All our 304 and 316 stainless steel plates are non-magnetic and feature excellent welding and machining properties, as well as being capable of being rolled to thin gauge thickness for fabrication projects and construction jobs. Furthermore, unlike carbon steel which stains easily or rusts quickly, stainless steel remains stain- and corrosion-free making it a more versatile material with many uses than carbon steel can offer.

Cut2Size also offers several alternative finishes for its standard 304 and 316 stainless steel plates, such as brushed, mirror polished and patterned. Brushed finishes feature coarser grit that creates an appealing satin-like surface; these finishes tend to be the most economical and widely-used. Brushed finishes may also be preferred when applications call for something milder looking than the mirrored finishes.

Mirror-polished finishes feature higher luster than their brushed counterparts and reflect light more brightly, making it popular choices for architectural trim or molding, commercial restrooms and kitchen backsplashes. Easy to maintain and withstanding high temperatures; its patterned counterpart adds visual interest as it features waves.

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