Stainless Steel 304 Perforated Sheet Price

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ss 304 perforated sheet price

Stainless Steel 304 Perforated Sheets are utilized as filters, screens and guards to manage air, water, solids, electromagnetic waves and sound transmission. Produced using high quality raw materials with accurate dimensions from trusted manufacturers.

Stainless steel perforated sheets come in various thicknesses and hole sizes depending on their application.


Stainless Steel Perforated Sheets come in various thicknesses to meet custom specifications, making them suitable for an array of applications and situations – marine environments included! With excellent strength-to-corrosion resistance properties as well as welding ease, stainless steel makes an ideal material choice. Selecting an appropriate thickness ensures that your finished product has both strength and durability for best results.

SS 304 perforated metal sheets come equipped with various hole sizes and patterns, helping reduce weight while permitting light, liquid and air passage. Their attractive aesthetic appearance also makes them suitable for security screens, sifting enclosures architectural designs or any decorative purpose. In particular, its highly corrosion-resistant grade resists most oxidizing acids while its low carbon content allows it to weld easily reducing localized corrosion issues.

This material can withstand temperatures up to 870 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for use in evaporators and heat exchangers. Additionally, its durable construction makes it an economical solution suitable for multiple uses.

Perforated metal sheets are created using various materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum and copper. They come in many shapes, sizes and finishes depending on their application – stainless steel is often chosen due to its flexibility and easy cutting properties.

Perforated sheets offer designers more design freedom when creating an aesthetic design with different sizes of holes that can be formed in various patterns and configurations, enabling them to craft an original aesthetic design with an original look and feel. Plus, perforated sheets can come in various thicknesses with straight or staggered holes; as well as round shapes, they also produce hexagonal, rectangle and square holes – enabling buyers to choose their favorite pattern from a catalog or request custom hole configurations for themselves.

Hole Size

Stainless steel perforated sheets can be found in applications as diverse as fencing, flooring, grating facades and screens. Available with various hole sizes and patterns that can be tailored specifically to a project, perforated sheets come equipped with round holes, slotted holes, square gaps hexagonal gaps triangular gaps and many other decorative shapes that make for the perfect combination for every job.

Size and arrangement of holes impact a sheet’s strength, flexibility, durability, elasticity and corrosion resistance. Larger gaps may increase strength while smaller ones decrease elasticity; additionally, their arrangement can affect corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Stainless steel perforated sheets made from high-quality durable materials offer exceptional aesthetics and functionality with little maintenance required; their anticorrosive qualities allow them to withstand wear-and-tear corrosion as well as being easy to clean for easy cleanup and corrosion prevention – they’re suitable for lighting control, air control sound regulation applications as well as liquid regulation applications indoors/outside.

These products are widely utilized in construction for their functional and decorative features, while also being ideal for industrial, food, and pharmaceutical uses. Sheets made from metals such as stainless steel or aluminum may also be produced; stainless steel tends to be preferred due to its superior corrosion resistance and strength as well as being non-toxic and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures; its low moisture absorption makes it suitable for humid environments.

Perforated stainless steel provides an affordable and long-term solution to many design challenges, making it a popular choice among residential and commercial building designers alike. Due to its special structural properties, perforated stainless steel can also be recycled after no longer needed; making this material truly eco-friendly.

Perforated stainless steel is a staple material in the medical industry, often seen on equipment and structures used by healthcare facilities and providers. Thanks to its ability to resist chemicals and temperature changes, perforated stainless steel makes an excellent choice for autoclave trays, ventilation hoods, cadaver storage trays, test chambers and other laboratory equipment – in short: anything required by stringent specifications while providing long-term, reliable performance is perfect for this field of medicine.


Stainless steel perforated sheets come in various finishes. One such grade, 304 grade stainless steel is particularly popular due to its versatility and corrosion resistance; it boasts high ductility and strength with minimal maintenance needed to keep its beautiful aesthetic. Plus, there are various thickness options so you can find exactly what suits your application!

Depending on their application, stainless steel perforated sheets come with either round or square holes of various sizes and patterns that make this form of sheet visually pleasing and can be used for security, sifting, enclosures and sign panels. Their perforations enables light transmission while still permitting air passage for air permeability and weight reduction.

There are various finishes to choose from, including #4 and #2B. The #4 finish offers an easy cleaning option while #2B’s matte surface offers more matte than its brushed linear counterpart. Both options are durable enough to withstand temperature variations as well as corrosion from acids or chemicals used on them.

Custom-ordered SS 304 perforated sheet can also be customized with customized colors and thicknesses to prevent damage during transport and create a more pleasing aesthetic. Customization may also provide special handling requirements such as food processing facilities.

SS 304 perforated sheets can be supplied both hot and cold rolled forms. Their thickness can reach 12mm, with various hole size/pitch combinations being offered to maximize strength and durability. Welded joints allow these sheets to be quickly assembled in various applications; food processing industry typically use these sheets because of their resistance against strong acid attacks while being easy to clean; they can even be cut to length or made into any desired shape!


Perforated Sheets made of SS 304 are utilized across many different industries for providing structural support and decorative appearance, providing structural strength while meeting decorative aesthetic requirements. Made from aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel they come in various shapes and sizes to meet each application requirement.

304 stainless steel is an austenitic grade with exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, comprising 18% chromium and 8% nickel, making it extremely cost effective; prices for perforated sheets made with this steel vary depending on their thickness, hole sizes and shape, cost-efficiency as well as thickness of material used to construct them. Furthermore, its low carbon equivalent (304L) offers improved resistance against localized corrosion in welds.

304 perforated metal sheet comes with various gauges and hole sizes to meet the needs of various applications. Furthermore, its staggered hole pattern makes it easy to customize its specifications to any unique need.

Marine applications make these sheets ideal, since they feature excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Furthermore, they can withstand high temperatures while welding without difficulty – for even more lasting protection, 316 stainless steel may be chosen instead.

This type of stainless steel offers increased resistance to rust and corrosion due to its high concentrations of nickel and chromium, which act to defend it from chemical attacks as well as water. Furthermore, its ease of cleaning makes it a popular choice among food processing equipment and dairy equipment manufacturers.

Stainless steel 304 perforated sheets are widely utilized in the building industry. They can be used to construct stair railings and screens as well as providing acoustical insulation; additionally they can be cut to size to suit individual spaces while coming with different finishes available for purchase.

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