Stainless Steel 304 Perforated Sheet Price

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ss 304 perforated sheet price

We are one of the premier suppliers and manufacturers of Stainless Steel 304 Perforated Sheet. These sheets feature holes of various shapes and sizes, which help to reduce weight by allowing air and liquid passage, as well as provide corrosion protection.

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Stainless steel perforated sheets are metal products featuring holes of various shapes and patterns drilled into them to allow air, liquids, and light to pass through while still providing structural support. They’re used for many different purposes like screens, stairs, decorative items and cost-cutting alternatives to solid metal products – and come in various sizes, gauges, thicknesses and finishes for an economical experience.

SS 304 Perforated Sheet is one of the most sought-after grades of stainless steel, known for its corrosion resistance properties that make it suitable for a range of uses including food and beverage processing equipment. Sanitization is easy with this grade of steel as well as resistance against various acids; making it an excellent option for kitchen appliances and dishwares.

304 grade can be found in various forms, such as stainless steel perforated sheet (SS 304 perforated), sheet with holes (SS 304 sheet with holes), expanded metal, perforated metal screen panels and perforated metal screens with various sizes, gauges and finishes available to choose from. Selecting an ideal perforated sheet size depends on both how much light you wish to allow in and your privacy preferences – depending on which project your selecting.

There are various hole size options in ss 304 perforated sheet, each offering different advantages and disadvantages. A sheet with staggered holes will help evenly disperse light while one with straight holes may reduce it further. Carbon content also varies, with low carbon versions such as UNS S30400 being more suitable for welding applications.

IMS stocks an extensive selection of stainless steel 304 perforated sheet products in various hole sizes and spacing, making it easy for you to find what you need for your projects on time and within budget. Contact us now for more information or a quote, as we offer free shipping with all orders and will work quickly to get it in stock for you. Our goal is to assist with keeping projects on schedule while staying within budget!


Stainless steel perforated sheet is an excellent material choice for applications that demand durable materials that can support heavy loads and weights. In addition, its benefits make it an attractive choice in industrial settings – including weight reduction and the passage of light, liquid, sound and air. Plus, its ease of workability means it can easily be formed into various designs and sizes without becoming magnetic or corroding over time!

Grade 304 stainless steel is one of the most widely-used versions, boasting different carbon contents and properties. This version is typically preferred when cleanliness and sanitation are of utmost concern; additionally, its durability makes it suitable for high temperature use, making it suitable for many different purposes.

Perforated sheets come with various hole sizes and shapes, depending on your particular needs. Square, round or staggered holes may suit you best; round holes tend to be easier for manufacturers and offer more aesthetic value.

As well as customizing their size and shape, perforated sheets also come with various thicknesses to meet any of your specific needs. Furthermore, there are various finishes to select from so that they seamlessly integrate with existing equipment.

Perforated stainless steel sheets can be punched with various patterns and hole sizes for weight savings and the passage of light, liquids, sounds, and air. Perforated sheets make an attractive interior and exterior design feature; they can also be used in security measures like machinery guarding, sifting systems, enclosures, sign panels and much more.

Sanghvi Metal Corporation is an acclaimed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of SS 304 Perforated Sheets. These sheets come in an assortment of thicknesses, standards, wall thicknesses, finishes and lengths; making them suitable for various industrial applications. Furthermore, this company stocks other stainless steel products including tubes and bars.


Stainless steel perforated sheets have many applications in multiple industries. Their perforations allows liquid and air to pass through freely, reducing material weight while being decorative or structural projects such as making stair treads, railings or screens. Prices for stainless steel 304 perforated sheet prices are lower than other varieties; also offering various widths, lengths and thicknesses of materials to choose from.

SS 304 is one of the most commonly used austenitic stainless steel grades, popular because of its versatile properties and resistance to various corrosive agents. Forming and welding are made easy; its low carbon content prevents carbide precipitation during welding processes.

IMS stocks an extensive inventory of stainless steel 304 perforated sheets in various diameters, thicknesses, hole sizes, staggered patterns with spaced-apart holes that make working with this material easier and eliminate any risk of unwanted damage to it during welding processes. We stock material that meets both criteria.

Perforated stainless steel sheet (SS 304 sheet) from us comes with various finishes that meet medical equipment standards; two options being the 2B finish which is most often found on medical devices, and No 4 and No 6 finishes used in dairy equipment and drums and barrels respectively. We can also supply our perforated sheets with an extra protective film layer.


Stainless steel perforated sheets come with various hole patterns and finishes. You can cut these sheets to size and shape for any number of uses – security screens, stairs and decorative purposes being prime examples of applications where perforated metal sheets could come in handy! Light, sound, liquids and air can pass freely through their pores without incurring weight savings and weight restrictions.

IMS stocks an extensive selection of 304 stainless steel sheet, both cold rolled and hot rolled forms. This grade boasts an abundance of chromium that makes it corrosion-resistant; making it highly sought-after due to its strength, ductility, minimal maintenance requirements, and minimal upkeep requirements.

Additionally, this type of sheet comes in various thicknesses and finish types; typical options include 2B, #4 (brushed), #8 mirror and #5 textured finishes. While all 304 grade finishes offer good corrosion resistance, #8 provides superior formability and easy cleanup capabilities.

As another popular option for perforated sheets made of stainless steel, grade 316 offers superior corrosion resistance than grade 304. Furthermore, its durability extends further and it can tolerate more oxidizing acids without corrosion. In its annealed state it remains non-magnetic with low carbon content preventing carbide precipitation during welding processes.

Stainless Steel 304 Perforated Sheet is an invaluable material in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Not only is it highly durable but its attractive appearance makes it easy to sanitize – resisting many different chemicals – it has low density making it more manageable than other metals.

No matter the scale or style of your industrial or interior project, IMS offers top quality 304 stainless steel perforated sheets at highly competitive prices – perfect for meeting time and budget constraints. Our team of experts are on standby 24/7 should any queries arise or a project needs help getting underway – get in touch with us now to start the journey! We proudly serve customers throughout California, Northern Mexico and Arizona and you can rely on IMS to deliver premium metal products quickly and on-time every time! We pride ourselves on the superior metal products we deliver every time – be assured IMS are experts when it comes to metal products – you can count on IMS to always deliver premium metal products quickly and on-time every time – you can depend on us! We take great pride in serving customers across California, Northern Mexico and Arizona so feel confident we always deliver top quality metal products quickly – trust IMS to deliver premium metal products quickly every time – you can rely on us to deliver premium metal products quickly on time every time and deliver top-quality metal products promptly every time – trust us always deliver! Arizona are happy to serve customers throughout California Arizona with reliable delivery of premium metal products to customers throughout Arizona (from Californian Mexico), Arizona (on time!) every time – count us! Don’t wait on IMS for reliable fast, timely delivery of top quality metal products too; as Arizona customers rely on IMS to deliver premium metal products quickly delivering top quality metal products swiftly every time – don’t expect IMS delivery of any size needed from Arizona as you can depend upon us never fail with time, every time! When it’s proudly! Call IMS Metal Services where California, Northern Mexico and Arizona where customers – IMS are served and Arizona by providing fast. IMS! we proudly! & Arizona for fast! Thanks IMS delivered quickly and on-time service every time; Arizona service! Thanks we know them for reliably delivery services with fast on-time every time when it arrives on-time service too delivering! You dependable metal delivery. You! Arizona will deliver quickly delivered!. Arizona. Arizona service delivery of course). Arizona will deliver metal product delivered and every time; thanks IMS delivers to Arizona who always! Arizona residents! delivering premium metal products! You too! California; North Mexican clients. You too. California… Arizona are proudly! delivering on time! delivering metal products every time from California, Northern Mexico… We pride! and Arizona are too! can count IMS; Arizona too!! – you’ve also serve them!!! – you! This could only when needed with every time when!……. Arizona……….. delivering metal product quickly from California…! They depend IMS deliver top metal product fast. Arizona…. Arizona service quickly!!…! Arizona. You too. &AZ

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