Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet Price

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Mirror finish stainless steel sheet is a commercial grade that features shiny, reflective surfaces with reduced troughs or grooves that trap contaminants during daily use. Achieved through gradual mechanical polishing processes that eliminate such surfaces from daily wear-and-tear use.

Aluminum composite panel (ACM) is an increasingly popular material choice for architectural applications like hotels, bars, nightclubs and shops. Furthermore, ACM also provides practical benefits that make it an excellent solution for your metal fabrication needs.

Grade 304

Stainless steel is a highly flexible metal with multiple applications. The material can be formed into virtually any form, such as tubes, wires, rods and sheets. Furthermore, there are numerous finishes and surface treatments designed to enhance either aesthetics or performance – mirror finishes on stainless steel can add an elegant and modern aesthetic to architectural projects.

TBK Metal offers an extensive array of custom metal fabrication services, specializing in stainless steel sheet and plate processing. Their 304 and 316 grade mirror finish products are ideal for indoor decorative uses with their high gloss effects, being corrosion resistant and easy to maintain – these properties make them well suited for commercial spaces such as barber shops, hotel lobbies, and nightclubs.

Grade 304 stainless steel is one of the workhorses among austenitic stainless steel grades and boasts excellent welding characteristics. It stands up well to many environmental corrosion conditions as well as chemicals corrosiveness; additionally it’s nonmagnetic in annealed condition making it suitable for fabrication of various forms, whether formed, machined, welded or otherwise fabricated quickly and is hence one of the most sought-after stainless steel grades due to its all-round capabilities. As such it remains popular among users.

The 304 grade has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in warm chloride solutions, yet is susceptible to pitting and crevice corrosion when exposed to acidic or alkaline solutions. While better corrosion protection than type 301 in chloride environments is offered by type 302, type 304 falls short when placed into acidic or alkaline environments.

Mirror finishing on stainless steel refers to creating a smooth, reflective surface by polishing away any stains, scratches, or roughness from its surface. This process improves product appearance, making manufacturing applications and architectural trim applications more desirable and functional. SS 304 mirror finishes are commonly found in manufacturing applications and architectural trim settings such as clean room equipment mirrors reflective parts dairy beverage processing machinery as well as architectural trim applications.

Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy containing chromium and nickel that offers superior conductivity compared to carbon steel, higher strength than mild steel, corrosion, rusting resistance, staining protection, and staining resistance.

High-Gloss Polished Surface

Mirror finish stainless steel sheet price brings a luxurious aesthetic into residential and commercial environments alike, making an impactful statement in kitchen appliances, countertops, backsplashes, bathroom fixtures and other home or office applications. Plus its highly reflective surface makes cleaning simple – ideal for areas exposed to frequent moisture exposure like bathrooms.

Mirror finishes are created by buffing material with successively finer grits of buffing compounds, often hot rolled stainless steel. Its popularity increases significantly with materials greater than 2.5mm thickness; this type of finish may cost more than others but offers an appealing aesthetic that suits architectural pieces and different art styles perfectly.

Electro-discharge machining (EDM) offers another means of creating high-gloss finishes on stainless steel components, with copper electrodes machined into the shape of your part creating sparks which burn away excess material, leaving behind an attractive polished surface. Although EDM requires more time and expense than other processes, it may be ideal for parts which require very smooth surfaces.

Special finishes for stainless steel can add an extra dimension of customisation when used for fabrication components, going beyond the standard mill or polished finishes that come standard across all forms of the metal. These special touches may prove particularly beneficial when producing components with less frequent usage where its aesthetic qualities may not matter as much as its function.

Some fabricators apply a deep patterned finish to stainless steel for decorative purposes, which they accomplish by rolling it between hard, engraved rollers. This creates patterns such as leather-effect and more traditional linen/herringbone patterns. While visually appealing, such finishes are also more resistant to damage or vandalism than smooth surfaces.

Finish selection should always be carefully considered and clearly specified for any application, whether decorative or not. While aesthetic considerations are less relevant in most non-decorative uses, finishes do have an impactful role when it comes to friction resistance, wear resistance, maintenance costs and corrosion protection.


If you want your stainless steel piece to appear sleek and modern, consider giving it a mirror finish. Not only is its reflective surface visually pleasing, but its reduced susceptibility to contamination makes it far less likely to attract dust than rougher surfaces are. Technically speaking, mirror polished stainless steel typically has an average roughness value (Ra) under 0.22.

Furthermore, its smooth surface makes it simple and straightforward to clean and maintain – ideal for restaurant walls and elevator interiors that feature anti-fingerprint properties or areas susceptible to fingerprints and finger marks. Furthermore, this material’s high durability and corrosion-resistance makes it an excellent option for exterior wall cladding applications.

Mirror finish stainless steel sheet adds a sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic to any architectural design project. It is especially popular in restaurants, barber shops and hotel lobbies where its reflective surface enhances overall appearance of space.

Mirror finish stainless steel not only looks aesthetically pleasing but is also highly hygienic and anti-fingerprint, making it the ideal material choice for commercial spaces such as kitchen equipment, door handles and bathroom fixtures. Furthermore, its resistance to corrosion and stain makes it an extremely versatile material suitable for any application.

Mirror finish stainless steel offers both style and function in an economical package, providing durable yet cost-effective alternative to marble, brass and copper materials. Plus its combination of chromium and nickel provides corrosion resistance as well as reduced embodied energy use with its low embodied energy level and high recycled content content – ideal qualities in a durable material!

There are numerous methods available for finishing stainless steel sheets to give them a desired appearance, including etching and brushing finishes. Etching uses chemical reactions that leave an attractive pattern on the metal’s surface – ideal for decorative and functional applications such as door and window security, plumbing projects, heating ventilation projects and craft hobbies. Brushing adds texture for softened finishes used on ornament trim or column covers for decorative applications.

Practical Utilities

Stainless steel with mirror finish is widely admired among architects and designers for its aesthetic properties, creating a luxurious atmosphere in any space it graces. Furthermore, its unbreakability, fireproof properties, vandal-proof properties make it highly practical; such features make this choice particularly suitable for high traffic areas like elevator doors or wall panels where its superior visual appeal and simple maintenance make this material indispensable.

Mirror-finish stainless steel is highly resilient and suitable for outdoor applications due to its smooth surface that resists stains and scratches better than other finishes. In addition, its lack of coatings or chemicals means it is hygienic as its shine requires no special treatments – unlike glass which cracks easily and shatter easily; mirror-finish stainless steel remains unbreakable and scratch-proof!

Mirror-finished stainless steel is often found in restaurants, bars, and other public spaces that demand its high-gloss appearance. The reflective surface adds brightness to a space, making it more enjoyable for residents. In addition, mirror-finished stainless steel can also be found in shops, barbershops, hotels and other commercial settings.

#8 mirror finish refers to a type of stainless steel finish which has been polished until it resembles that of a mirror, providing a smooth, reflective surface similar to that of one. Often applied to architectural components, food processing equipment, chute liners and chute liners; though its beauty cannot be denied; fingerprinting may occur and differ substantially among batches of material used for its creation.

A #4 satin finish offers greater resistance to scratches and fingerprints than its #8 mirror counterpart, made possible with finer grit grades such as 120 or 180 when mechanical polishing applications are employed. A #4 satin finish may serve both as an intermediate polished presentation as well as serve as an entry step into further polishing applications.

A #2 brushed finish is ideal for applications where resistance to damage and vandalism are top priorities. This finish is created by running steel through engraved rollers to produce a deep patterned texture which may be attractive in certain settings; additionally, this type of coating helps hide scratches and fingerprints that accumulate in high traffic areas.

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