1.2 mm Stainless Steel Sheet Price

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12 mm stainless steel sheet price

Stainless steel is an extremely tough material that can withstand years of wear and tear, making it suitable for shipbuilding and manufacturing applications alike. Due to its strength and resilience, stainless steel makes an excellent material choice.

Stainless steel comes in various finishes depending on its intended use, such as: 304 2B — Mill finish offers the lowest cost option with its dull appearance and affordable pricing structure.

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel is one of the strongest and longest-lasting metals on the market, boasting excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance – ideal for construction projects that entail contact with water and humidity, such as manufacturing facilities or kitchens that prioritize hygiene. Furthermore, its easy cleaning makes it popular with chefs looking for heat resistance as well.

1.2 mm stainless steel sheet offers high corrosion resistance and non-magnetic qualities, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. Available in various finishes to meet individual requirements – for instance brushed stainless steel offers subdued shine ideal for household sockets or sink splashbacks while adding decorative flair while being less reflective than mirror finishes – its availability makes this material easy to choose for architectural applications as well.

In addition to corrosion resistance, 1.2 mm stainless steel sheet offers excellent fatigue and stress resistance due to its low carbon content and high levels of chromium and nickel. Welding can be completed easily making it suitable for various applications.

Stainless steel sheet, commonly referred to as plate, has many applications across multiple industries. Food and beverage businesses can utilize stainless steel plate for making counter tops and sinks; medical and pharmaceutical research facilities utilize stainless steel sheets for laboratory equipment; transport companies utilize it as durable shipping containers that withstand vibrations and shocks without suffering damage; the list goes on!


Stainless steel sheet metal is one of the most sought-after choices for metalwork projects, offering several distinctive benefits that only this form of metal can bring. These benefits include corrosion resistance, durability and hygiene – features unique to this form of steel – in addition to being highly sustainable. Cleaning stainless steel is easy too – ideal for environments requiring high standards of hygiene such as hospitals or food processing factories – while its ease of working makes it suitable for architectural metalwork projects as well.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal comes in many finishes to meet any need of your project, with brushed finishes being particularly suitable for kitchens or other environments requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance, hiding fingerprints or smudges more effectively while showing less signs of wear and tear than mirror finishes.

Stainless steel is both hygienic and fire-retardant, making it ideal for commercial kitchen environments. It can withstand high temperatures while remaining easy to sanitize – perfect for countertops, sinks, hoods and ventilation systems – plus its strength can withstand impacts caused by heavy machinery.

You’ll discover that stainless steel is both affordable and easy to work with, making fabrication simple. Cut, weld and rivet joints are all easily achievable so it can be formed into any desired shape or design easily. Plus it resists corrosion well making it perfect for marine applications.

Typically, stainless steel sheet is typically offered in thicknesses up to 6mm, while any thicker pieces typically come in plate form for easier working with. Plates may prove more challenging when working on larger projects that need additional durability.

Grade 304 dull polished stainless steel can often be found in commercial kitchens and other high hygiene standards areas like schools, hotels and restaurants in the UK. It’s also commonly seen used in toilet cubicles, urinals, sink units, taps waste bins and vending machines – it even makes its way into vending machines!


Stainless steel is one of the world’s most adaptable materials, used everywhere from construction projects to kitchen appliances. Its versatility lies in its excellent durability, hygienic properties and aesthetic applications ranging from construction sites to kitchen appliances. Carbon steel tends to rust or stain easily; stainless steel requires much less effort for cleaning purposes compared to its counterpart and can even be recycled multiple times without losing its beauty or ecological credentials.

Durability of 1.2 mm stainless steel sheet price can be attributed to its chromium content, which acts to protect it against corrosion by reacting with oxygen in the air to form a protective oxide layer and making pitting and crevice corrosion resistance more manageable. Furthermore, its easy cleaning and maintenance make this material ideal for use in sterile environments.

Other than chromium, other alloying elements are utilized in the production of stainless steel sheets. 300 series stainless steel contains chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and manganese alloys which make this steel resistant to corrosion in an array of environments such as acidic and alkaline solutions as well as high temperatures and pressures; making this versatile choice suitable for many different applications.

Another type of stainless steel is duplex grade stainless steel. This grade features an unique microstructure which combines austenitic and ferritic phases into one material that offers higher strength and resistance than either austenitic or ferritic steel alone. There are various varieties of duplex stainless steels, such as lean, standard, or super duplex depending on application needs.

The 304 2B Stainless Steel Sheet is composed of high-grade stainless steel that can withstand the rigors of shipping containers and other transportation vehicles, while providing exceptional corrosion resistance. Non-magnetic and with excellent non-magnetic corrosion resistance properties make this material suitable for various uses including construction and manufacturing projects, medical equipment production, automotive parts assembly, food processing tools as well as food processing tools – making this material an excellent choice when replacing shipping container pieces.


Stainless steel’s combination of hygiene, durability and aesthetic appeal make it an attractive metal for various projects. From kitchen appliances to building facades, stainless steel can be found in numerous applications ranging from building facades to appliances in the home. Furthermore, its relatively easy working nature make it one of the more cost-effective materials on the market.

Stainless steel is an extremely hard and durable metal with superior corrosion resistance, which makes it the ideal material to use in areas that prioritize hygiene and cleanliness such as hospitals or commercial kitchens. Being non-porous makes cleaning very straightforward: simply wipe it down or use special cleaners – perfect for easy upkeep in hospitals or kitchens! These characteristics make stainless steel an excellent choice.

Our stainless steel sheets come in various finishes and gauges, most frequently the popularly-used grades such as 304 and 316 grade stainless steels with various gauge numbers for thickness measurement purposes. It is crucial that the right grade be selected to suit the project in which you’re involved.

Mirror finish stainless steel sheets provide an aesthetically pleasing surface to any space, adding an ultramodern aesthetic. Mirror finished stainless steel is often utilized in architectural and decorative applications such as elevator interiors or wall panels; in automotive industries for trim pieces; as well as food and beverage industry where counters or cabinets may feature this finish.

Hairline-brushed stainless steel is similar to mirror finish but features more subtle textures. It’s typically found in decorative applications, like kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures, though commercial and residential buildings often employ this material for cladding, handrails or wall panels as well as surgical instruments and implants due to its durability and corrosion resistance.

Edcon Steel stocks stainless steel sheets in both grades 304 and 316, in various sizes and finishes, in order to meet our customers’ requirements. Our cutting service allows you to only pay for what you need (charges apply). All our steel comes from accredited mills with full certifications; for any further inquiries or to discuss requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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