Stainless Steel Wall Panels Price

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stainless steel wall panels price

Stainless steel wall panels are easy to install and offer protection from damage and contamination, as they’re designed to adhere directly to your facility walls and can withstand collisions better than traditional materials.

Metal cladding adds a sleek, modern aesthetic to your building, as well as decorative colors or patterns to spice it up further.


Stainless steel wall panels provide an economical yet effective means of wall protection in commercial buildings. Their durability includes impact resistance, easy cleanup, corrosion protection in harsh environments and greater energy-efficiency than most metals or plastics; moreover they come in various colors and textures so as to meet any design project need.

Compared to drywall, stainless steel does not support mold and mildew growth, is easy to wipe down, resists staining and fingerprints and offers a modern aesthetic that’s inviting. Furthermore, its versatility allows it to be applied anywhere from walls, countertops, ceilings and more! Stainless steel makes an excellent choice for kitchens. Furthermore, its smooth surface can easily be wiped down for quick and effortless clean-up; and is fingerprint-resistant – features which make it the ideal choice when selecting kitchen materials. Stainless steel offers modern aesthetic that attracts with modern aesthetic as well as being the ideal material choice across walls, countertops and ceilings applications – all hallmarks of excellence that make stainless steel an exceptional material option that offers modern aesthetic that’s attractive yet inviting while remaining stain-resistance makes them the ideal material choice across applications including walls, countertops and ceilings – as well as being applied directly onto surfaces including walls, countertops, or ceilings!

Insulated stainless steel wall panels are not only durable, but they’re also more energy-efficient than other materials. Insulation helps minimize heat transfer between interior and exterior buildings – meaning lower heating and cooling bills for cold climates! Insulated stainless steel panels make an excellent addition for restaurants or cafeterias.

There are various varieties of stainless steel wall cladding available today, from brushed and mirror finishes. However, stainless steel 304 remains the most widely-used panel as its high corrosion resistance makes it suitable for various environments and more affordable than other options; plus its recyclable nature makes it a greener solution than others.

When selecting a stainless steel product, it is crucial that it has an attractive finish and can stand up to the environment it will be placed into. For instance, in restaurants or food service facilities it must withstand moisture exposure as well as being resilient against heavy objects striking it.

Quality stainless steel panels should be manufactured from thick gauge material. While thicker stainless steel may cost more, its durability makes up for its extra expense in thermal performance and ease of installation, since its weight makes installation much simpler than with other metal products.

Easy to clean

Stainless steel wall panels are easy to keep sanitary, making them an excellent choice for areas requiring constant sanitization. Wiping down with damp cloth is usually sufficient or using glass cleaner will remove fingerprints and other stains more effectively. They can even be disinfected using common household products like dishwashing liquid – just remember to test any cleaner first on a small portion of the panel first!

Compared to porous materials like drywall, millwork and FRP that can be hard to clean easily, stainless steel wall panels do not allow bacteria growth on them due to their smooth surface that resists bacteria growth. They are also designed to block water penetration into walls and mold formation on them.

These panels are also more resistant to damage and more durable than other metals, withstanding impact and wear-and-tear better. As a result, they make for an excellent choice in high traffic environments like commercial kitchens. In addition, corridors and operating rooms also benefit from using this material.

Wall panels offer an economical alternative to costly drywall and millwork that require frequent upkeep, including expensive maintenance costs. Available in various finishes, these wall panels can easily be cleaned with damp cloth or sponge. Furthermore, their simple installation makes them an excellent solution for restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals and other commercial settings.

Wall panels made of stainless steel offer another advantage for commercial kitchens: they’re not susceptible to water penetration that causes mold and other issues in commercial kitchens, unlike drywall and millwork which must constantly be repaired due to moisture accumulation. Plus, stainless steel panels are easier to keep looking their best than other wall materials like aluminum and copper!

Stainless steel is also better for the environment than other metals, as it does not release toxic fumes into the air. Furthermore, its smooth surface resists scratches easily while extreme temperatures or chemical cleaning won’t affect it either.

Low maintenance

Stainless steel wall panels offer a durable and long-term solution for any business, as they can withstand high traffic volumes while remaining easy to maintain and clean – an ideal combination for any office, restaurant, hospital or hotel interior. Plus, their sleek modern appearance makes them a popular choice among offices, restaurants hospitals and hotels – while unlike other materials these panels can easily be wiped down to remove fingerprints or stains for a hygienic finish.

Metal panels offer many colors and finishes to meet any building aesthetic, as well as various sizes and thicknesses to meet individual design specifications. Furthermore, their easy installation makes them a fantastic solution for commercial spaces as well.

Stainless steel panels do not require adhesive to install, unlike vinyl. Adhesive can allow moisture to seep into walls and cause mold growth; furthermore, over time the adhesive used to attach panels to backers may weaken leading to corrosion which costs you money over time. Plus, stainless steel does not provide as much insulation.

The stainless steel wall panel system is both flexible and cost-effective, featuring panels suitable for use in walls, soffits, and fascias. Installation can be accomplished either with concealed or exposed fasteners and the panels have a modern boxy look; additionally they may feature decorative reveals to add depth.

Stainless steel wall panels offer a durable, attractive, and low maintenance alternative to materials like aluminum or concrete. They’re an excellent choice for areas that see heavy foot traffic such as washrooms, cafeterias and corridors; plus their antimicrobial qualities make cleaning them simple. It also serves as an effective barrier against dirt, dust and bacteria – perfect for washrooms, cafeterias and corridors; kitchens or food handling areas can benefit too!


Stainless steel wall panels feature an expansive spectrum of aesthetics, from basic ribbed profiles to intricate and decorative patterns. They can be found anywhere from commercial kitchens to high-rise buildings; cost-effective than traditional cladding materials and providing a modern aesthetic, they can even be combined with various other materials to form unique architectural styles; available in multiple sizes and finishes making them suitable for new construction as well as renovation projects.

Metal panels are an increasingly popular choice among architects, designers and engineers looking for creative solutions to design challenges. Lightweight yet easy to cut and shape into custom shapes to meet specific project needs, these versatile panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally for greater installation flexibility and to make buildings more visually interesting. Metal can also be used in place of heavier cladding materials like stone and brick or integrated with other finish materials for a unique and modern aesthetic.

Stainless steel wall panels not only boast aesthetics, but are corrosion-resistant and long-lasting – an ideal combination for any building application. Furthermore, their ease of maintenance makes them less likely to succumb to weather-related damage and lower energy costs by decreasing cooling expenses in buildings.

TBK Architectural Metal Panels come in many styles, from single-skin panels and preformed systems to roll-formed systems with concealed fastener options to conceal screws and clips for a more streamlined appearance. Some systems provide reveal options to add texture or complement other finishes materials.

Metal wall panels are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them an excellent choice for many projects. Constructed of high-strength steel with non-directional satin brush finishes that resist fingerprints and stains, they require no special cleaning products for maintenance either.

Stainless steel wall paneling has become an increasingly popular material for building facades due to its corrosion-resistance and long lifespan, making it suitable for both high-rise buildings and industrial environments.

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